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I specialise in creative stress management and alternative conflict resolution.

In my approach both fields have two pillars. One is our capacity to become aware of „what is”… If I am capable of recognizing a situation as stressful before I (re)act – I immediately multiply the chances to act quickly, yet consciously.

The other important pillar of managing stressful situations is the various tools that one can easily learn be it a 5-second relaxation technique or a few-step assertive communication model. These tools sometimes may become literally lifesaving tricks, techniques, methods.  If we decide so – they can progressively become our (new) positive habits.

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Besides my primary specialisation in stress management, I held  various skill development trainings in the recent years, some of them in the NGO sector, most of them at multinational companies. These trainings include:

-sales training




-assertive communication.


Open Space Technology is a highly effective organisational development tool to facilitate effective information exchange, to inspire people involved, and to give a view for the organisation about issues:  what is important - and what is not.


In my team building trainings I try to go beyond the usual sortiment of tools and exercises. I like to evolve excercises and processes from the very present moment, and if possible also to create space for healthy and gentle confrontation that goes beyond everyday masks.


In the field of leadership workshops my strenght is inspiring teams of leaders to define or clarify their vision, mission, strategy and to facilitate processes where the basics of their cooperation becomes more transparent.

Skill development trainings,

Open Space workshops,

Team building trainings,

Leadership workshops



As a certified organisational development supervisor, having acquired my M.A. at the International Business School, I do individual and team coaching and supervision since 2004.

In majority I do skill development and transformational coaching.


In the recent years I developed a special integrative coaching method where I work with my clients tapping into differnt levels of consciousness (through holistic treatments, bodywork) to evoke their wider and deeper inherent wisdom, and to connect them to resources that were out of reach before.




I do mediation work since 2003 in the field of business, as well as in the field of family care. For two years I was Member of the Board of the Hungarian Mediation Association.

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Men's Group Work


I have been involved in participation, assistance and leadership of men's groups over the past 7 years.

In October 2015 I will start my second 9-month self-development men's group program in the UK.


To read more of the details of the 2015-2016 program click here.