Presence In Stress - Life and Business Coaching

Being present in the moment in our work or private life  is not just some sort of poetical or philosophical notion lacking any practical relevance - but it describes a way of being where we are more creative, more effective and also more connected.

Since decades we know from the various researches that stress in itself is neither good nor bad.

It is the volume and regularity of stress and our capacity do deal with it that defines whether it has a good or bad effect on our life .

Creative Stress Management

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„The best way to manage stress creatively – is to be present in our life.”

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Can we have an impact on the volume or regularity of stress in our life?

Sometimes yes, sometimes not.

Can we have an impact on our own capacity do deal with it?

Definately yes.

During my coaching sessions, trainings and workshops we enforce the creative perspectives and habits one already has and we change the ones that are not useful.

  • more aware decision making processes

  • finding out and developing tools to handle stress or lack of enthusiasm

  • realising your freedom to change patterns on a behavioural level

  • more effective and proactive execution of your work

  • more connectedness to your loved ones

How does that happen?

Change does not happen at once - but it does not necessairly have to be long either.

Most of the time I prefer to think in processes: series of coaching sessions or trainings with follow up monitoring.


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So what are the outcomes of doing coaching or training with me?