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As the performance of machines are limited - so is ours.


Just like a machine - at a certain quantity of tension we burn out, at the same time if there is no tension at all... there is no performance either.


When we are in an unbalanced emotional state it impacts the way we perceive our world – our past, our future, people around us, an actual situation… - and it also impacts the way we act… and of course the outcomes we have.


What creates our emotional state i.e. the glasses through which we see the world around us?

In the long run: our childhood, our education, our relationships, our previous or existing jobs, our personal successes and traumas – something that is very different for all of us.


What defines our emotional state in the short run from a practical point of view?    

What we think, what we say and what we do – something that works very similar for all of us.  


These two aspects of our „glasses” – the long term and short term parameters – cause that in two identical situations we have different reactions. As our past experiences and present emotional states vary , so do the reactions we give in a situation.

P = I x U

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We can’t do too much about our past, we can work on it, but actually we cant change it. However, the good news is that we CAN do quite a bit about the short term parameters: we can decide and change what we think, what we say and what we do in a situation.

Once we realize that, a new perspective opens up to change previous behaviours and to create new, more effective and more loving ones.


The basic message of my coaching sessions and especially my trainings in the field of creative stress management is simple: It Is Possible.

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