Presence In Stress

"Finding the everyday hero within – a journey of the heart"

9-month men’s group work between October 2015 and June 2016

The 2015-2016 program will be the second 9-month self-development group program I run in the UK for men in co-operation with the international network of Mentor4Men.

(With special discounts for RSSKL parents and teachers, current and previous members of local men’s groups!)


During the program there will be times for silence, talking and a variety of exercises and initiations (e.g. encounters, body work, sweat lodge, holotropic breathwork) that are partly structured partly spontaneously created by the flow of our interactions.


The program contains 9 full Saturdays that will take place with a monthly regularity, indoors and outdoors in the Kings Langley area. This process requires commitment from start to finish, and the group will be a closed group with a limited number of participants.


Dates (we can change them with the consensus of the whole group):

2015: 17th October, 7th November, 12th December.

2016: 23rd January, 20th February, 12th March, 9th April, 7th May, 11th June.


PRICE (incl. tea, refreshments, and materials necessary for some of the programs):

•£65 per day per person if paid as you go (a total of £585 for the program). NB: it is only possible to participate in the whole program, it is not possible to join in for certain days.

•EARLY BIRD: £525 if paid for the whole program before the 30th September, £555 if paid by the 17th of October.  


If you are interested in the more detailed program, please contact me (Daniel) at 07500861738 or at




"This is a great opportunity to join a group of authentic men holding the space for each other and guided by Daniel - a facilitator who is gentle, real, understanding and humble, yet encouraging.  Come and learn to embrace a true balanced life as a male in this changing world."      

  (Peter Donn, EFT Trainer / practitioner)


„Daniel is a wonderful coach. His calm style instills confidence and reassurance. He provides a safe space for us men to open up, challenge ourselves and bond in very special ways.

I highly recommend his men's group to all.”    (Ramesh Hirani, entrepreneur)


"This is a great opportunity explore and step beyond your comfort zone in a safe environment.

Daniel is an experienced, kind and down-to-earth facilitator who will take you on a journey into myth, emotion and clarity.

I have found every event both challenging and rewarding and recommedn the course to anyone wishing to explore what being a man really is about for them."   (Daniel)


"Daniel is an accomplished facilitator who brings a calmness and compassion to proceedings. He will take you out of your comfort zone in creative ways you may have never experienced and you will see the benefit for it as you get in touch with overlooked aspects of your personality that may well take you by surprise. A very revealing ride."    (Martyn Reuben, Practitioner of Australian Flower Essences & Reiki Master)